Afraid of being seen….

Whenever I experience fear of wanting to say, do or act on something, the feeling behind it is almost always shame.

Shame feels like if I expose certain things or feelings about myself, people will find out how flawed or ‘weak’ I am, and then choose not to befriend me.

So I sometimes try to conceal some parts of myself and avoid talking about my feelings and emotions as a way to protect myself from losing people. I desire to be only seen in a positive light.

I am afraid of people thinking bad things of me, or perceive me as anything other than strong, good and well.

But what if I can strip that away and choose to be seen in any light? Good, bad, weak, negative, positive?

After all, trying to predict or control how people think of us to this extent is not possible, so why try?






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4 thoughts on “Afraid of being seen….

  1. Brandon says:

    Part of being strong is embracing your flaws and risking humiliation and things of that nature. You know what people say about people who appear to show no flaws or imperfections? “They’ve got something to hide.” Some people make a living of seeing right through you, so it’s always best to be open to the things you want to be open about, and only let certain people know about the REALLY emotional stuff.

    • An Uncomfortable Connection says:

      Hi Brandon, thanks for your comment, I appreciate it! That’s true, what you suggest, but ideally I think people should be able to show their feelings or emotions to others. It’s just in society, we have learned that it’s not okay to do so.

  2. Anita says:

    I understand that feeling too. That’s why i think I don;t speak much in social settings. I am worried I what I say or do will be perceived the wrong way by others. I always feel the sense of shame immediately after I do or say something in social settings. Trying to work on it though.

    • An Uncomfortable Connection says:

      Hi Anita, yeah I also feel that shame when I confess something personal about myself. After that I start worrying what others think. I think though, some people, not all, are just waiting for this moment when someone chooses to expose themselves this way. It can cause others to try to express something in them too. Not always.

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